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Morphis Rings is to be known for it's wild viriations, as we have created a recycled products that can compete with some of the most famous jewellery stores in NZ, as we based our products off spoon rings mostly, cutlery the and the basic clay rings. Morphis means, Meterials that are being used for something that will not change the world but, will change the custermers perpective of the world. We want to make sure our custermers have an great experince, as our product shows the world what something can become, from what is first known as nothing, into to what the eye see's as amazing. We want to show our customers that they can becom and of the same thing as we have done, with just simple kitchen wear. Silver is the most flexible metal we as humans know so our Morphis Rings can also be made out of forks and tea-spoons or dessert-forks.

CEO Alex Wright

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As the CEO of Morphis Rings I would love to present our latest project The silver leaf ring, a ring that completely made out of cutlery shaped like a leaf, like its name, our website, our company morphis upcycle is hoping our new drops will be a good change, as spoon rings are quite a strange product. Hopefully we are able to make it too your likings! So please stay and enjoy this warm welcome to MORPHIS RINGS

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Morphis Upcycle's main goal,

Business plan / goal, August 5, 2020

We plan to change the world, and to show our consumers that we are producing items not for that cash but for their enjoyment, and happyness!! We have rings of all kind and right now were having a major sale, by a combo bag, get 2 extra Clay rings 50% off !?

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Engagemet rings ARE coming soon, have plan but no RING, just wait till April 18 or 2021, and you'll find the perfect gift your beloved. Morphis Rins new Eco friendly engagement and wedding rings!!

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Children Clay Rings Released

March 12, 2021

Does your kids love our Morphis Rings? But your too afraid they might break them ?! Don't Worry but today is the the that we are offically selling "Morkid RINGs" ?! only $2.99 but not just that buy one now get one free?! and just for kid combo limited edition jumbo package is only $5!



As we are eco friend friendly we even use resuable string bags as our packaging, can fit as many as ten inside and is extreamly fitting for our 80's theme

Location That you May Find Us!!

  • Image HuttValleyHigh School
    Any time, all the time.
  • Image HuttValleyHight MARKETDAY
    During times of Apirl-June
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    Top floor, open at 7 am to 8 pm
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    Our main partners are willing to sell many exclusives.

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Having trouble figuring out how to diy your own rings?! Well no you dont have to for a low price $3.50, we now sell morphis spoonrings!

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Wire rings, ecofriendly completely made out of metal wire folded and bent by blow tourch, only $3.99


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Marketing Goal, Written by Tashie Peters

As the Marketing manager of this company I have made our product suitible for your need, we are 99% ecofrendly even the packaging and everything we do is to please you. So or $3.99 produc called silver leaf spoon ring, completely made out of spoon rings and our clay rings was based off an questionair that we gave our commuinity to fill out so we can change and devolope a product that is suitible for all kinds of people.

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We aim to mostly have costermers of the age 13 to 25 and older as we also plan on selling diferent rings like engagement ring and clay ring or even wire rings. Women love jewllery so we aim to draw their eyes in by utlizing all our tricks and strats to make you feel welcome, here in our eco friendly community, our real target market is children as we have found young teenagers a very into these trends

What Morphis Upcycle strives For,

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Morphis Rings promotes its self by posters and the rings it self we have a icon created by our marketing manager, as an example of our theme, as we are a 80's themed company we love the silver and neon mix. but the rings it self will be less neon more pastel, as that is what the modern aesthetic is now a days

Our Poster Icon / Offical Business Icon

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We will put our icon on poster, packaging, bottles and advertisements like tv adds or pop up add to make sure people now we are noticed at lest, we are partnered currently with jewlery store, and we also looking for new sponsorship in aukland and we are also trying to go global, allthough with our current speed we arent sure how long that will take.

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Womens 3 in 1 Spoon Ring jumbo sale2
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humble Engagement ring
Womens silver Spoon Ring
Womens silver Spoon Ring spirl
Womens silver Spoon Ring heart
Engagement rings pride


Mens mat black Spoon Ring main
Mens mat black Spoon Ring board
Mens mat black Spoon Ring heart
Mens mat black Spoon Ring spirl


rain kids rings glow in the dark
children fancy glow ring
Childrens clay farm animal surpreme Rings
 Children silver spoon



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